Ecological Advice

Our services include expert advice, assessments and protected species surveys for bats, great crested newts, breeding and wintering birds, reptiles, dormice, water voles, otters and badgers.

We can provide advice about National and European Protected Species, Habitats, Wildlife Sites, surveys and lots more. Holding licences for bats, great crested newts, dormice, water voles and Schedule 1 birds. In addition to that also holding a bird ringing licence through the British Trust for Ornithology.

In addition to Ecology assessments we also produce all related surveys including Plant and Trees.

Ecology surveys and mitigation are required for development projects that could affect protected species to obtain planning permission. Surveys need to show whether a site and its surrounding habitats are likely to support protected species and in what capacity. Mitigation is designed to avoid, reduce or manage any negative impacts to protected species.

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