Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

At Parker Planning Services we have an experienced and qualified planning team and other environmental professionals.   We deal with a wide range of major applications and developments and have produced and assessed a number of Environmental Impact Assessments for a wide range of projects.

Some major developments require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report to be undertaken, but first it should be established whether one is required.  We can inform our clients of the likelihood of an EIA being required, as well as being able to undertake EIA screening opinion as well as EIA scoping opinion submissions to Local Planning Authorities.

Once it has been established that an EIA is required, we have the expertise and ability to advise and undertake the whole process as well as producing the Environmental Impact Assessment.   One of the benefits of having a number of specialists in house is that we can undertake much of the specialist work required for EIA’s in house, such as assessing Highways, Landscape, Tree, Environmental, Ecology and other impacts.

If you believe an EIA may be required please get in touch and we will be pleased to advise you on this as well as being able to provide you with a fixed fee quotation to undertake the EIA process and the EIA report.

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