Landscape Management & Strategy

Landscape management is not just about physical works to the landscape it is also about how this is planned, designed and advised on.

We provide landscape management advice as well as to produce detailed landscape management plan reports and landscape design schemes.  Our landscape management plans are produced through an initial site assessment and produced by our landscape professionals.

We can also advise and recommend on good landscape contractors who can undertake the physical works.

A landscape management plan would result in the production of a report and plans which;

  • Identify the existing quality of the landscape of the site and surroundings as well as its other qualities
  • Takes into account budget and resource constraints/requirements
  • Give take into account budget and resource requirements
  • Advice in relation to achieving best value from the landscape and grounds procurement
  • Advise on landscape and ecological management principles, taking into consideration protected species impact, habitat and ecological enhancement, use of chemicals and waste disposal.

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