Neighbourhood Plans

As experienced planning consultants, the Parker Planning Services planning team has a wealth of experience dealing with a range of projects for local communities and local authorities.

Local communities have the ability to shape the development that takes place in their area by creating a neighbourhood plan.  Funding is available for this work and the projects are brought forward by local community groups or Parish Councils.   Neighbourhood Plans are used to assess planning applications, have a legal standing and give communities a greater say in how they wish their area to be developed.

We have produced a number of Neighbourhood Plan documents as well as helped local communities and Parish Councils through the process.   We can cater our services to the need of the client, meaning that a Parish Council or neighbourhood plans group can be as involved with the making of the document and the process as they wish to be.

We also offer our services at a discount to Parish Councils and Communities in respect of this work and funding is usually available from Government.

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