Site Appraisals

Are you a developer with many different site options which may not all be taken through to a full planning application? If so, then our desktop-based site appraisal might be perfect for you!

Whilst any planning application for a development will usually require a supporting Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) to evaluate the importance of ecological features present (or those that could be present) within the specified site, you might not want to commission such a detailed survey for a site which a planning application may not be submitted for. For these occasions, we offer our desktop-based site appraisal at a nominal fee which will:

  • Provide a preliminary assessment of site habitats based on available aerial imagery, including number of ponds in close proximity to the site and local green infrastructure
  • List protected species associated with those habitats and which may require detailed survey (including survey timings)
  • List nearby Nationally and Internationally designated sites
  • Provide an indication of expected ecological value of the site using a traffic-light system

This initial overview may aid key decisions in determining the likely ecological impact of development at the site and provide an indication of timescale and cost for required ecology surveys. This service is designed to aid with internal decision making, and not to replace a PEA. Therefore, it will not be suitable for supporting a planning application. However, the information obtained during this process may help to reduce the costs of subsequently undertaking a PEA.

Please contact us for any further information and we can also discuss your specific requirements further.

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