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Chartered Town Planners providing Specialist Consultancy Services for planning permission, archaeology, heritage, ecology, topography, highways & transport and more. Our work spans all sectors and across East Anglia, East Midlands & further afield across the UK. We offer a full turn-key professional service – for your planning application or development process.

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Covid-19 Notice: Updated 03 Aug 2020

In recent months we’re thankful that the business continues to grow and flourish, as a result – we’ve recruited and welcomed new staff members to our team.  Our team continue to be busy working on a wide range of exciting and interesting projects across a wide range of sectors.

Our offices reopened in July and the majority of our staff have now returned to the office, with the remaining staff happily continuing to work from home.   We’re proud and grateful that none of our staff were furloughed – so we have the full complement of staff available.  Similarly, we have the technology and security systems in place; so there’s minimal disruption to our business and processes. We all have laptops, access to our emails, project management system and files remotely.  We have regular team meetings, virtually through video and phone.

You can still contact us in the normal way, through the live chat, email or phone.  We can continue to conduct meetings with clients through video (and provide you details of this), as well as phone and phone or video conference calls.   The team are conducting regular site visits with the necessary restrictions and precautions implimented – these can usually be conducted unaccompanied.  Sometimes site visits will not be required or could be put at the end of our process.

With the disruption to our everyday lives which cannot be avoided at present, Parker Planning can help you plan ahead for the future.  We look forward to working with you soon.

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