About Us

Company Background Established in 2010 by Jason Parker, many of our valued clients repeatedly return to us and they recommend our services.  By making us your first point of call – we can assess the potential for your planning permission & then manage your full planning application process on your behalf. We strive for the best outcome for our clients, and aim to provide you with an excellent service, across the full range of our planning and professional services.

What makes us different?  Our clients achieve impressively high success rates with planning – because we strive to provide them with honest and straightforward professional advice in a practical manner.   In addition to working on standard projects, we also work, and achieve successes, on the most challenging appeals and planning applications – often those where previous applications were unsuccessful.

What services do we provide?  We provide the full range of planning services – including advisory, planning application, site assessment, planning permission, planning appeal, land, property & development services. Clients also benefit from our wide range of in-house specialist services & the surveys we provide – that are often required in a planning application. Our Services include archaeology, heritage, ecology, topography, highways & transport and more

Who do we work with? Our valued customers include construction businesses, for example:- house builders, architects, and property developers. Equally, we work with public sector organisations, independent land owners and members of the public.  Our projects range from large developments to smaller individual residential work.

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