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Parker Planning Services are pleased to have turned around a previous case of refusal into a secure planning permission grant for 7 single storey dwellings and garages with associated off-road parking and an attenuation pond/wildlife area in Rocklands All Saints.

The site was previously refused on the basis that the proposed dwellings would be remote from a wide range of local services and facilities. Therefore, in the absence of convenient and safe walking and cycling routes or bus services to larger settlements, future occupants would be largely dependent on transport by car for access to work, education and leisure. It was also suggested that the two of the seven dwellings would result in intrusion into the open countryside, therefore the development would cause significant harm to the character and appearance which is rural, flat and tranquil in nature.

Despite this, we emphasised an overwhelming argument in favour of the development, highlighting numerous factors which suggested that approval should be in fact be granted for this site. This carefully considered some of the following; 

  • Most importantly, the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) states that in situations where the local planning authority can’t demonstrate a 5 year supply of deliverable housing sites, permission in most cases should be granted. Likewise, it states that housing should be located where it will enhance the vitality of a rural community and on retaining local services and community facilities.
  • The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) recognises that in order to support rural business and community needs, development may have to be located adjacent to or beyond existing settlements, and in areas not well served by public transport.
  • Given that Rocklands All Saints is a rural village, it is understandable that facilities may be limited. However, it was addressed that the village does accommodate a good variety of services and facilities sufficient to meet the day to day needs of the residents, all of which are easily accessible by foot or bicycle. Although access to a full range of facilities and services may not be readily available such as large supermarkets or secondary schools, short car or bicycle journeys to the neighbouring settlements of Great Ellingham and Attleborough should be considered viable modes of transport.
  • The construction of the development would create work and employment for local people and businesses. The construction workers and local traders will also make use of local services and facilities during construction periods and in the long-term, occupiers will use local services and facilities.
  • Addressing the landscape concerns, it was highlighted that the site is not within a ‘valued’ landscape and is well screened by mature trees and hedging. Furthermore, the site is bordered by residential development on two sides and so would not be isolated or disconnected from the main village in anyway. The site is also well connected to existing infrastructure provision, as such it is unlikely that the development of the site will generate any damage to the environment.

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