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Archaeological and Geophysical surveys are an integral part of our work.

Why do I need a geophysical survey? To inform decisions on location, scale and whether any further intrusive site investigation is needed. A cost advantage is that any subsequent archaeological trail trenching can be targeted on its results, so reducing the sample amount required on the total development to bring down expenditure.

Archaeological Assessments: A practical example:
At Norwich Cattle Market, we undertook both archaeological and historical desktop statements, which were required to understand the archaeological potential of the site. Prior to this work it was believed that the basement and surrounding ground contained mediaeval remains. It was fascinating that our research uncovered the basement which was wholly post-mediaeval, and that the site was most likely built up as part of the local iron works development. This was ascertained from our Desk based assessment and Historic building report. These established that the site’s terracing included post-medieval aged construction features too.

What was the Outcome? With the completion of this work, the local archaeological officer was able to support the application – this led to the successful approval of the planning application, with minimal further works required.

This work was carried out on behalf of our client who was instructed by Norfolk County Council historic environment service.

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