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Summary: Parker Planning secured outline planning permission for 8 dwellings in land outside of the settlement boundary at Ashill. The case highlighted that this scheme met the deliverable requirements of the Local Authority’s 5-year housing supply.

What did we achieve?

This planning application was approved at committee level – and Parker Planning Services were ecstatic with this outcome.

We presented a robust case that the development of this site is achievable within a 5-year period, thus making a valuable construction to this councils’ 5-year land supply status.

The district council struggles to identify enough sustainable and deliverable sites, to meet their 5-year housing land supply.   We raised the key point that this council didn’t demonstrate a 5-year supply of deliverable housing sites, and we showed that the scheme met the deliverable requirements of the Local Authority’s 5 year housing supply and the scheme carried merit and presented as a sustainable and quality development.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) states that in situations where the local planning authority can’t demonstrate a 5-year supply of deliverable housing sites, in most cases it suggests permission should be granted.  Likewise it states housing should be located where it will enhance the vitality of a rural community and on retaining local services and community facilities.

Where is it?

The site lies on the periphery of the established settlement of Ashill. Ashill is categorised as an emerging Local Service Centre that will experience 10% growth through the plan to 2036. The site is not located within a protected area such as greenbelt, AONB or Flood Risk Zones, and is of relatively low environmental value, that isn’t in an isolated position.

The Scheme.

The scheme presents with respect to the existing character of the area and its semi-rural setting, whilst displaying quality architectural design that minimises impact on the surrounding neighbourhood.

The architectural plans presented a traditional design, of high standard and in keeping with the area’s existing character and it’s semi-rural setting.

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