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Reducing Carbon Emissions for Golf and Country Clubs, by securing planning for Green Energy Generators.

It’s been our pleasure to work to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs for a range of Golf & Country Clubs in various counties including Essex, Berkshire and Warwickshire. Here we emphasised the overwhelming arguments in favour of these proposals, that were all approved at the planning application stage.

Saving Energy and Costs: Here we’ve secured planning to install natural gas fired Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units on each site – in order to save them money on their utility bills and to reduce each site’s carbon emissions by up to 30%.

It is widely acknowledged that CHP installations are the most significant single opportunity to reduce energy requirements and energy costs of around 20% to businesses.  They are an important and low carbon way of providing energy to commercial establishments such as golf courses and health clubs.

The Applications: We cited that the NPPF states that the planning system should ‘support the transition to a low carbon future’ and encourage the re-use of existing resources… and support renewable and low carbon energy and associated infrastructure.’

Likewise plans should: ‘identify opportunities for development to draw its energy supply from decentralised, renewable or low carbon energy supply systems’  The NPPG states that increasing the amount of energy and low carbon technologies will help to make sure the UK has a secure energy supply, reduce greenhouse gas emissions to slow down climate change and stimulate investment in new jobs and businesses.

Similarly we referred to the Local Plan Policy to help determine these cases especially regarding Energy Efficiency. This recommends optimum use of incorporating energy conservation and efficiency measures to developments and businesses, in order to contribute to the reduction in their total energy consumption.

We look forward to working with client’s on similar green energy and renewable and sustainable energy sources and installations in the future.

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