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Green Energy Planning Approval for Solar Scheme.

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Approval for a Ground Mounted Solar Array in South Norfolk

Background We are delighted to have gained permission for a new ground mounted solar array for a significant local employer in the hotel industry. This planning application success will help the client to lower their carbon emissions and provide them with ongoing cost stability.

Proposal The site will have 1.009 MW solar PV panels on a standard ground mount. The primary purpose of the application is to replace almost all of the hotel complexes electricity requirements with sustainable energy and channel any excess generation back into the grid.

Our Advice We provided an extensive Planning Supporting Statement alongside a Specialist Ecology Report  which was a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) to demonstrate that an appropriate scheme can be delivered on the site and the principle of development is acceptable. The Planning Supporting Statement outlined that the proposal would make the most effective use of the space and orientation, whilst respecting the natural surroundings.  The PEA report established the current biodiversity value of the site, identified any potential ecological constraints or impacts associated with the proposed development and provided recommendations to ensure compliance.

In the planning statement we also highlighted that the green credentials of the application are clear and are part of a long held ambition of the company, to contribute to the growing green movement and away from the traditional energy supplies. The proposal will have significant sustainability and economic benefits which are both in the public interest, and will result in a material reduction of carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.

We are pleased that our emphasis on the overwhelming argument in favour of this proposal resulted in the approval of this planning application.

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