Highnam Farm, Major Solar Development Approved

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Parker Planning Services has successfully won another appeal for major solar development.

This project was for the site at Highnam Farm in Highnam.  Here the effect of the development on the character and appearance of the area, and the effect on the settings of listed buildings and other heritage assets were under scutiny.  We precisely demonstrated what the effects on best and most versatile agricultural land would be.  Similarly we proved that the environmental and economic benefits of the scheme would be sufficient to outweigh any harm that might be caused by this large energy project.

Parker Planning Services appealed the refusal and fully detailed how the proposal would benefit the area and how the production of the ground mounted solar PV generation project would produce energy for approximately 1909 homes came as a very significant factor of favour.  Added to this was the associated reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and the contribution that would be made to addressing climate change.

In summary  – The approved energy development results in a significant and useful increase in solar renewable energy in the Tewkesbury and Gloucester area.

We are very happy with this outcome which results in our client gaining the permission needed to start producing green and sustainable energy and generate an income from renewable sources.

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