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As a Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy – Parker Planning Services have the in-house capacity to provide clients with a one-stop planning service.  We can bring expertise in a variety of fields to assist project development and the planning process. This includes the fields of Topographical Surveys, Archaeological Consultancy issues, Ecology and Neighbourhood Plans and Contamination issues.

Here’s a recent example of our Archaeological and Topographical input on a project we recently worked on in Brooke.  Here the topographical surveys our specialist carried out proved to be instrumental in securing full permission on this site.

The potential flood risk on this site needed a more comprehensive report, because the site presented as a Flood Risk 3 throughout the whole site according to standardised reports available from the Environment Agency.  We engaged with the flood risk modeller.  Our Consultant went to site to take points and model the topography on the whole site, to discover how the area would flood.  The specific requirements were to model and profile the stream and wider environment and the actual development area.  Then to work out the heights about the water level, if a flood risk of 1 in 100 years was apparent, so that the likely flood area could be mapped effectively.

So we used our in-house specialist surveying knowledge and skills, to provide the specific data required and disseminated and processed the information for the flood agent and client through civil 3D, as illustrated in the diagram below.

This Case Study gives a demonstration on how we Project Managed the additional survey works, to compliment the planning application process.

Archaeological Consulting:Our in-house archaeological consultant adds a unique service to our portfolio.  We can:

  • Offer a complimentary initial pre-application discussion to highlight potential heritage matters.
  • Liaise on our Client’s behalf with the local planning authorities and their archaeological expert advisors.
  • Act on the clients’ behalf within a multi-disciplinary team (eg: with architects, agents etc) looking specifically at the archaeological and heritage issues.
  • Project manage the required archaeological works – this could be desk-based works through to excavations.
  • Assist with keeping project schedules and build times on track – by considering the archaeological requirements prior to the commencement of groundworks once planning has been agreed, or at the planning stage.
Topographical Land Surveys are suitable for a range planning applications and design works. These have a higher level of detail than Ordinance Survey mapping.

Topographical Surveying for:

  • tree and canopy outlines to contribute to Arboreal Surveys.
  • Supplying ground level information for flood risk modelling
  • Drainage ditches and headwaters to input into flood risk modelling
  • View splay modelling to input into Highways access and designing suitable access solutions.
Additional Survey Solutions:  using some of the latest technology (3D Laser Scanners, GPS Systems, Drones etc) to meet clients survey requirements. Measured building Surveys, these include but are not lited to: internal dimensions and sections, and elevations to meet client requirements.




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