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Listed Building and Planning Permission Granted on a Grade II Listed Building following Unauthorised Works

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Summary Prompt actions were taken to protect the historic building during a significant flood, where water was at one point almost a metre high. Unfortunately, this meant that emergency works to save the property began before Parker Planning Services were appointed and consent was gained. The client had previously been advised by another party that consent was not needed for such work. As soon as it was appreciated that consent should have been obtained before any works were carried out, Parker Planning Services were engaged to rectify the position. 


Proposal Retrospective Listed Building Consent for ‘works carried out due to flood damage’.


Our Advice Following the clients approaching us for our services, we advised them to cease work immediately, contact the council and be upfront with the situation to avoid enforcement. We then carried out the application for Retrospective Listed Building Consent and planning permission, providing a Heritage Statement/ Design and Access Statement. 


The report extensively analysed the situation and highlighted that the works are necessary. In addition, the damage to the building stems from the flood and not from the works carried out following. In reviewing the proposal and assessing its impact to the significance of the heritage asset, it should be viewed as minimal. The report therefore concluded that the proposal results in no harm to the character or appearance of the original historic part of the building, as the works are required to bring the building back into habitable use and are like-for-like replacements of what existed prior to the flood. 



Listed Building consent and planning permission was granted, and the client is delighted – ‘Thank you again for putting us on the right track and over this major hurdle.’

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