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Overcoming a Refused Planning Application

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Here’s how Parker Planning Services, a multi-disciplinary planning consultancy with in-house specialist services, can help you overcome your refused planning application.

Example: A recent refusal within Great Yarmouth Borough Council overturned at Appeal.

Refusal Point: The proposal would lead to an intensification in the use of an access.


How we overturned it: Our highways consultant provided a separate Transport Appeal Report submitted alongside the appeal demonstrating that the proposed access arrangements are acceptable from a highways point of view and also reiterates that the access is deemed acceptable to the Highway Authority.


Refusal Point: The proposal is out of character by means of the higher density of the development in the context of adjoining residential property.


How we overturned it: The appeal proposal seeks to make effective and efficient use of land in line with the NPPF. The appeal site falls within the settlement boundary close to the services and facilities and represents a sustainable location. Paragraph 119 of the NPPF states planning decisions ‘should promote an effective use of land in meeting the need for homes and other uses, while safeguarding and improving the environment and ensuring safe and healthy living conditions.’ Paragraph 120d also states that planning decisions should promote and support the development of under-utilised land and buildings, especially if this would help to meet identified housing needs. In light of this, the proposal would make effective use of underutilised land, which would help support the delivery of housing within the borough and bringing the site forward for the proposed four dwellings would be contrary to the above advice within the NPPF. The proposal has been designed with its context in mind and would not harm the form of character and setting of the settlement. The appeal also provides private garden areas to each of the proposed dwellings, the dwellings are limited to single storey reducing any potential harm in terms of overlooking, overshadowing or loss of privacy.


Further supporting points: The appeal proposal represents a windfall site within the settlement boundary and in a highly sustainable location. It is a suitable site being located within a residential area and its development for housing must be given weight. The planning committee may not have been aware of the need for such sites to be developed to meet the borough’s housing need.


Outcome: Great Yarmouth Borough Council approved the appeal for the development of 4 no. detached bungalows and garages.

Our clients therefore benefit from our full range of planning and land development services, required for different types of planning applications. Our inhouse specialist consultants can provide the technical reports, assessments and surveys often required to support planning requirements. This inhouse approach often alleviates potential costly project delays. Ultimately, it is the complete solution for your planning application needs and can help you overcome a refused planning application should the case arise.

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