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Renewable Energy – Solar Car Ports approved

Need planning for renewable energy project?

Renewable Energy Project – Outcome: Planning Approved. Parker Planning Services have been granted planning permission for the installation of Solar Photovoltaic Carport Systems at two sites within the North Wessex Downs AONB.

Background: The site is a science and technology campus for organisations, institutions and businesses. It’s one of the leading science and innovation campuses in Europe.  The Campus is renowned in world firsts, from the discovery of the world’s largest prime number to the building of Europe’s first energy producing fission reactor and the launch of the transistorised computer. Not only do these schemes provide renewable energy, the proposed Solar Photovoltaic Car Ports are key in enabling sustainable future EV charging solutions to staff at the campus.

What are the Benefits of this scheme? Benefits include:

  • greater consumer engagement
  • public acceptance of alternative ways of delivering energy needs
  • diversified energy mix
  • reduced dependence on (imported) fossil fuels
  • greater energy security; business and employment opportunities in developing and deploying renewable energy technologies
  • avoidance of/reductions in losses through transmission/distribution networks through making better use of such infrastructure and realising the benefits of using electricity at the point that it is generated
  • innovation benefits
  • potential reductions in technology costs as a result of roll-out.

Our Advice: Our Planning, Design & Access Statement stated that the NPPF is clear and was explicit at paragraph 148 that the planning system should support the transition to a low carbon future in a changing climate, taking full account of flood risk and coastal change.  It also demonstrated that there are no adverse effects on the criteria within Core Policy 41 and provides that the proposals impact on a range of matters has been given full consideration. Both applications were located within the North Wessex Downs AONB, therefore landscape impact was key consideration in achieving both successful outcomes.

If you are looking for expert planning consultants for the renewable energy sector, we’ve delivered on a wide variety of sustainable projects across East Anglia and East Midlands, as well as other locations. If you have a project to discuss, then please get in touch, we are pleased to help.

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