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Re-development for Haulage and Transport Facilities

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2021 Update: Fast forward to 2021, our clients’ development has come to full fruition, and it is great to see the final outcome. Here are some pictures of the finished build.

transport depot - planning permission secured Transport Depot - Planning permission secured Rural Transport Business Haulage

©All photos credited to Paul Robinson Partnership Architects – on the successful completion of this build.

2019: A successful application to demolish existing run-down buildings and significantly update the building infrastructure for this growing rural company, whilst reducing the buildings’ overall footprint and enabling the business to continue to expand.

The Proposal: was for a redevelopment provides a bespoke facility, meeting the businesses current needs, and is less visually dominant to the surrounding neighbourhood. It will also provide employment within the local community.

The application was for the redevelopment of haulage facilities to provide a poultry transport and transit depot for the farming and food industry at large. It’s a well-designed and architect led scheme. The development including new offices, reception centre, car-parking, workshop for vehicle maintenance, extensive storage and wash-down station with water recycling facilities providing 95% recycling capacity.

The development includes demolishing most of the dilapidated barns, to create space for a new general storage shed. The new buildings will be lower in height that the original buildings.

The adopted Joint Core Strategy for Broadland, Norwich and South Norfolk was reviewed and demonstrated to comply with policies in our Planning Statement.

Our Advice: At the time of the application (2019), it was acknowledged that the planning authority’s development plan was over 5 years old and therefore the key strategic policies should have been considered out of date, as well as the NPPF paragraph 11’s presumption in favour of sustainable development applies.

The proposal sought to remove the existing older industrial buildings, reducing the number of buildings on-site and replacing these with a condensed number of modern industrial buildings which are smaller in height to the existing. This reduction in scale and enhancement of landscaping retains and enhances the character of the site and maintains the amenity of nearby residences replacing ageing and in some cases dilapidated buildings with modern buildings which are similar in character to the existing site using similar forms and materials.

The development therefore maximised the efficient use of the brownfield land, removing dilapidated and unused buildings, providing modern purpose-built buildings which allows the successful rural business to continue to expand into the future and contribute to the local economy. The proposal, whilst functional, has been well designed, reducing the scale of built development whilst considering existing features of the site and using enhancing screening to create an improved natural and built environment, which encourages increased biodiversity and a high level of amenity for employees and visitors of the site.

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