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Topographical services are an integral part of our work.

Why do I need this? A topographical survey helps accurately visualise the land you intend to develop. It helps define the ground and boundaries, giving an accurate representation of the area so that you can design and build with confidence. Having a detailed and accurate picture of your land can reduce risk of costly mistakes caused by unforeseen issues that you may not necessarily be able to see by eye.

An example of how can we help.. On a recent project for a barn conversion, the client needed to know how the barn was internally framed and its location within its environment. Here we used a 3D laser scanned to gain the following outputs: a section through the frame, plans and elevations of the barn. We obtained a standard topographical plan of the location using a GPS and total station survey of the topographical features. These outputs enabled us to present the client with a full assessment of the building internally and externally – to assist with their future plans for the site.

A typical quotation of a topographical survey includes:
• Surveying to O.S. coordinates landscape features, associated access to development site and the proposed development area.
• Spot Level grid of 10m for topographic modelling.
• Processing the data to produce the client required drawing.

When 3D scanning of building is needed, a normal quotation would include:
• Surveying building with a 3d laser scanner both internally and externally.
• Geo-referencing laser scan to OS coordinates.
• Drawing up plans, elevations, and sections to the client requirements.

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