Town Planning Consultants in Norfolk secures planning permission for 30 homes

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Background: Here at Parker Planning Services, we’re delighted to have successfully gained full planning permission for this scheme in Coltishall, Norfolk. Here we worked alongside the client, Crocus Homes, to provide 30 homes on this site.  Part of the site was outside of the settlement boundary and we justified the acceptability of the scheme to the Council and Committee Members at the Planning Committee meeting.

Our input: We submitted and managed the full planning application.  In addition – our Planning Policy Specialist, also put further land forward for consideration in the Broadland District Council Local Plan. This has been accepted as a draft allocation and looks like it will be accepted as part of the new local plan.

As the planning agents for the proposal, we also provided some of the specialist reports required. In addition, we had various discussions and negotiations with the Council, regarding this quite complex project. Part of the site was allocated for development and part of the site was outside of the settlement boundary, but officer’s and the planning committee accepted that the benefits of the proposal outweighed the impact of the site outside the settlement boundary. This was an excellent example of good Planning Officer’s working in co-operation and positively with us as the Town Planning Consultant, and the client, in negotiations and discussions to ensure that this would be a first-rate project.

Outcome: The approved scheme will provide 30 individual dwellings, including 10 affordable homes, meeting policy requirements which is a significant social benefit. Ecological mitigation and enhancement measures, together with the widened footpath to enable future residents to walk safely to shops, services and facilities in the village are significant environmental benefits of the scheme.  The proposal therefore constitutes sustainable development in economic, environmental and social terms. It will contribute to tackling the rural housing crisis and will help services and facilities in Coltishall, Horstead and the surrounding area be economically viable whilst adding to the social vibrancy of the village.

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