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Colchester City Council Call For Sites 

Do you have land in Colchester?

Colchester City Council have opened their Call For Sites Consultation, providing an excellent opportunity to propose land suitable for allocation in their forthcoming Local Plan review.

If you have land that could be potentially used for housing, employment, offsite biodiversity net gain and green spaces, it is imperative that you take part in this consultation if you wish to have your site formally considered and assessed by the council. Afterall, this could be your golden ticket to achieving planning permission on your land!

Parker Planning Services are well placed to promote your land, determining its suitability, availability and achievability for favourable consideration within the context of the Councils Strategic Land Availability Assessment and potential allocation within the context of the Local Plan review itself! Get in touch on 01603 516319, or email us at  

The deadline for submissions is Friday 5th January 2024.

For more information: Council launches “Call for Sites” consultation to shape the future of the city | Colchester City Council


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