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Exceptional Appeal Success against South Norfolk Council

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Parker Planning Services is dealing with a number of appeal hearings against South Norfolk Council for proposed housing developments that the council refused permission for.  We are currently dealing with four ‘appeal hearings’ which are located within the countryside.  In normal circumstances these sites would have little to no prospect for residential development.

With our expert knowledge and experience we have been able to put a case forward and to demonstrate that there is not a sufficient supply of housing within the Norwich Policy Area (NPA), which is a vast area of land which includes parts of Norwich, South Norfolk and the Broadland District.

South Norfolk Council has now accepted that we are correct and that there is not a ‘5 year supply of housing’ within the Norwich Policy Area. Dramatically for one of the appeal cases, which is still on going, the council appear to have accepted defeat.

Within the published minutes for the Development Management Planning Committee meeting, which will take place on 19th August , the Council agree that:

“The scheme is now acceptable in planning terms and consequently to agree that officers confirm to the Planning Inspectorate that the Council do not wish to contest the current appeal”.

This is exciting news for Parker Planning Services and our many clients we are dealing with as well as for the further provision of housing within the Norwich Policy Area.

The massive consequence of there not being a 5 year supply within an area is that this opens the doors for land located in the countryside to be developed. It also effectively means that the Council’s development boundary’s and their related policies are considered out of date and void.  Within the Norwich Policy Area in South Norfolk, Broadland and Norwich City, this means that the housing which meets certain criteria can be provided on sites located within the open countryside.

We would therefore urge any land owners to get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can provide you expert advice as to the likelihood of your site gaining planning permission, particularly if it is located in South Norfolk, Norwich or Broadland.  We are also aware of a number of other locations where the claim of a 5 year supply has not been challenged and should be!

We can assess sites located anywhere in the UK and give expert advice as to the likelihood of planning permission being obtained for any type of development.

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