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Are you interested in the future development of Great Yarmouth? Then the Great Yarmouth Local Plan consultation is for you.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council is in the process of crafting a new Local Plan to supersede the existing Core Strategy and Local Plan Part 2. This comprehensive plan will outline a development strategy, addressing housing and economic needs up to 2041. It will set out the amount of new development needed and will determine where that development will go and how it should be delivered. Additionally, the Local Plan will feature crucial planning policies guiding future planning applications.

Consultation at this stage provides an opportunity to suggest changes, or support the preferred approach, before the Council finalises the Local Plan. As part of this, the council are accepting new site submissions, however, you will need to provide justification as to why the site you are submitting should be allocated over the sites selected in the first draft local plan or justification to why you believe further housing is required. The Council is also welcoming submissions of sites from landowners which could be considered for gypsy and traveller provision and provides an opportunity to submit further sites to be considered for Local Green Space designation. This is where Parker Planning Services can help.

Parker Planning Services have the knowledge and expertise to register your site and comments to maximise their impact on the Local Plan, prioritising your interests and giving your site the best possible chance of gaining planning permission. Get in contact on 01603 516319 for a free, no obligation discussion, or email us at

Consultation ends Wednesday 8th May 2024

For more information: Emerging Local Plan – Local Planning (

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