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Breckland District Council is preparing a new local plan which will influence the districts growth and development to 2046, ensuring that planning decisions prioritise the wellbeing and future of its communities. As part of this, Breckland DC is holding a further phase of community consultations to help inform the ‘Preferred Options’ and give the opportunity for people to expand on their previous opinions as well as accepting new responses from those who missed on the previous consultations.

Consultation events will be taking place across the district, which Parker Planning Services will actively engage with. For details of these events: Have Your Say Today – Join a consultation event – Breckland Local Plan (commonplace.is)

If you have a specific site that you’d like to propose for inclusion in the local plan, or wish to engage in discussion regarding the ongoing consultation, Magnus is here to assist you throughout this process. Magnus can represent your interests and advocate for your site during the consultation process. Get in contact on 01603 516319 for a free, no obligation discussion, or email us at contact@parkerplanningservices.co.uk.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have your voice heard and your site considered in the Breckland Local Plan. Get in contact with Parker Planning Services today to make a meaningful impact on the future of your community.


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