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Do you have a site in Thurrock that you would like to gain planning permission on? Or are you interested in development across the Borough of Thurrock in general terms? If so, this Thurrock Local Plan consultation is for you!

Thurrock Borough Council have started the process of developing a new Local Plan, which will set out how much development should be permitted and distributed around the borough. This ‘Initial Proposals’ consultation is an important stage in its development as any comments will help inform the ‘Draft Publication’.

Thurrock Borough Council have given the public the opportunity to comment on;

Once these are adopted, the Local Plan will be used to inform decisions on planning applications across the borough (unless material considerations indicate otherwise). Therefore, if you have a site in Thurrock, or have particular interest in the possible development in Thurrock, it is important that you engage with this consultation in your best interests.

Parker Planning Services have the knowledge and expertise to register your comments to maximise their impact on the Local Plan, prioritising your interests and giving your site the best possible chance of gaining planning permission. Get in contact on 01603 516319 for a free, no obligation discussion, or email us at contact@parkerplanningservices.co.uk.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have your voice heard and your site considered in respect of the emerging Thurrock Local Plan. Get in contact with Parker Planning Services today to make a meaningful impact on the future of your community.

Deadline for comments is Monday 19th February 2024, 5pm.

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