Jason Parker

Jason Parker

Managing Director & Head of Planning

Jason founded Parker Planning Services in 2012 following a successful career in both the private and public sector.  Jason has over 17 years of experience working within private and public sector planning and senior planning roles, including as the Principal Development Management Planner for a Council.  Jason’s idea was to draw upon his extensive experience of working on both sides of the planning table to build the best professional consultancy practice capable of delivering success for his clients. Since 2012 the business has grown rapidly on the back of planning successes, small and large.

When asked about how this success was achieved, Jason was very clear “…The business has grown in a natural way through success, reputation and continuous increase in work and strategy to focus on providing a clear range of services and project sectors whilst being able to deal with small up to large major projects.  Unlike many companies that have a desire to grow, we have avoided the need for debt or borrowings of any kind. At the centre of the business are highly experienced and competent professionals, including those who are involved with the business operations and the way the business is run, to the specialists that we have.  We are chartered and experienced planning consultants and specialists with considerable Local Authority and Private Sector experience,  we are results driven and highly motivated by success, the focus is always on delivering value to the client and getting passionate about the investment they care about.  We provide honest and expert services and advice, if we think there is value that we can add we focus on that.  When clients see that you are focused on getting the best outcome for them, they will come back time and time again, we also get results where other consultancies have failed… ”.

Parker Planning Services Ltd is an independent town and country planning and multi-disciplinary specialist consultancy, with offices located in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambrideshire, Essex and Lincolnshire driven by establishing great customer focus and high-quality performance the reach is now wider than ever.

Before setting up Parker Planning Services Ltd, Jason held several senior planning positions in councils across Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and the East Midlands and also in private practices dealing with the full range of projects throughout the UK.

Jason is proud to be a qualified planning consultant and associate member of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) (the benchmark for professional planners), the Norfolk Pro Help Group and the CLA (Country & Land Association)

Life outside Parker Planning Services

When Jason is not working hard to make the company a success, he can be found relaxing somewhere in Europe with his partner, swimming or walking within the countryside.

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