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Archaeology Consultancy – Archaeological Advice

Archaeology & Archaeological Consultancy

Where do I find one of the following services or surveys?  Our qualified and experienced team of archaeology and topographical consultants are here to help provide you with the range of information and advice you need. Click on the side links for more information or get in touch to discuss your project needs.

Our Archaeological Field & Site Services include:

Archaeological Site Investigations Excavations Field Evaluations Written Schemes of Investigation


Our Technical Services include:

Geophysical Survey Trial Trenching Digital Imaging Laser Scanning


Where do I find Archaeological Advice?    There are various options to manage archaeological constraints and we advise our clients on the best methods to take when considering the potential impact upon your proposed development.  When you need clarification on whether the requirements from the Council are reasonable – we can help.

Why do I need Archaeological Desktop Assessments?   These ascertain what records have been found in the area and identify the need and potential for further archaeological assessment on your site.  Sometimes this will rule out the need for further costly surveys and will be all that is required for your development. We also produce Written Schemes of Investigations.

Our work spans Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire & Essex and projects further afield across the UK.

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Archaeological and Geophysical Services
In-house Archaeological Consultancy and Topographical Surveying.
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