Archaeological Project Management to save you time and money.

Archaeological Project Management – Our Archeology Consultants carefully assess the market to appoint and oversee the best field based archaeology team for your development, to achieve the best overall cost savings and results. These services could include:

Archaeological Site Investigations Archaeological Excavations Field Evaluations Open Area Excavations


See a Case Study – Archaeology Project Management  – showing how we saved time and money for our clients.

Archaeological Site Investigations: We’re here to advise on the potential impact your development may have on the archaeological resource.  We understand the demands of working to tight timescales and that cost and risk management are key considerations.  So, we carefully ensure that our archaeological work is conducted in a safe and professional manner; without disruption to the construction of your project.

Commercial developers, land owners and government organisations and many more benefit from our archaeological research and evaluation services.  We can help clients negotiate with local planning authorities, by providing them with desk-based research, or fieldwork specifically targeted to resolving their potential planning issues.

What is Archaeological Excavation?   It’s a programme of controlled, intrusive fieldwork with defined objectives.  It investigates, records and interprets archaeological deposits, features and structures within a specified site.

The records made and objects gathered during fieldwork are studied and the results of that study published in detail appropriate to the project design. A

All archaeological excavations managed by Parker Planning Services will comply with the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists and Historic England Codes of Conduct.

Field Evaluation – What is it?  These determine whether there is any presence of archaeological features, structures, deposits or artefacts, and involves work to the sites ground.   If archaeological remains are found, the field evaluation defines what they are and their extent.  This then enables an assessment in relation to the significance of the find.

We always recommend that field evaluations are carried out before a planning application is submitted, but they are also sometimes dealt with post planning decision.

Trial Trenching: we can commission these services too.

Case Studies

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Archaeological Project Management
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