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Archaeological Desk Based Assessments (DBA’s) & Project Management

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Desk Based Assessement (DBA) and Archaeological Project Management

What are the benefits of an Archaeological Desk Based Assessment? These assessments identify the significance and potential of archaeology on the proposed development site and the potential impact that the development could have on the archaeological record. These assessments identify the need and potential for further archaeological assessment on your site and helps to set the tone and aims to reduce the need for additional archaeological services where relevant.  The work includes researching archive records and map regression and summarises what records have been found in the area.

Sometimes a DBA will rule out the need for further costly surveys and will be all that is required for your development.  Here our experts will consult and advise accordingly and work towards reducing your development’s timescales and costs.

Archaeological Project Management:  Our Consultants carefully assess the market to appoint the best team for your development. We then oversee the work of field based archaeological services.  This could include the appointment and monitoring of:

Field Trenching Services Trial Trenching Geophysical Services Open Area Excavations


Adding value on Archaeological Projects…

Project: Thetford Sub Station.  Client:  Balfour Beatty.  Here we gained approval for a scheduled monument consent, we provided an Archaeological Desk Based Assessment (DBA) at an Anglo-Saxon Site – and also for the works requiring planning permission to the north of this Anglo-Saxon site.

This project demonstrated clever integration of the archaeological developments in line with the site’s construction phasing plan. So that the timing for the archaeological works were amended and then planned to align with construction phases of the project.  This reduced the timescales for the overall project.

Project: Watton.  Client:  Abel Homes.  Once we were appointed as the Archaeological Consultants we led and appointed the geophysical and trial trenching works for this development. Our consultant advised that additional trial trenching should be built into the contingency plans to prevent the later planned phase of work.  This prevented project delays, additional works and removed the associated additional costs – because the need for later phase of work was removed.

This analysis and decision reduced the pre-construction by some 2 months – so proved to be a cost-saving exercise for the client.

Case Studies

Archaeological Desk Based Assessment (DBA) for Former Pontins Site, Hemsby.
Archaeological and Geophysical Services
In-house Archaeological Consultancy and Topographical Surveying.

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