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Contamination & Ground

Contamination Assessments: When a development is proposed, and a planning application is submitted, the Council needs to consider any contamination implications.   So – a development needs to ensure that there’s no risk of contamination.

We can manage the contamination requirements as part of your planning applications. We can also consider the discharge of contamination requirements through the discharge of planning conditions.  For most sites a contamination questionnaire or desktop study will be sufficient.   This would hopefully identify that there are no previous uses of the site or building to be concerned about.

If the previous uses of a site or building identify a potential concern, then a more intensive assessment may be required.  In the vast majority of cases there will be a way to deal with contamination or mitigate against it.  There are four different phases or types of contamination assessment, as follows:

  • Phase 1 Desk Study (In most cases this is all that would be required)
  • Phase 2 Site Investigation
  • Phase 3 Remediation and Validation
  • Phase 4 Post-remediation monitoring (such as ground condition).

Minerals Testing: There are a number of designated ‘Minerals Safeguarding Areas’ within the UK.   The purpose of these areas is to ensure that valuable minerals are not wasted or impacts by development.

If a development is within a safeguarding area, then Local Authorities will expect the ground to be tested and any minerals explained and taken into account as part of the planning proposal.  The testing of the ground for minerals is a relatively straight forward process which usually involves digging a number of holes to required standards and sending the samples off for testing.  We can manage this process on your behalf.

Case Studies

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Large Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Plant in Suffolk. Planning Application Approved
Goodies Food Hall.  Change of use & planning permission gained

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