Economic Impact & Demographic Assessments

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Economic Impact & Demographic Assessments

When is an Economic Impact Assessment required? These can support planning proposals by explaining the benefits of the proposal.  Such economic benefits explained could include: the provision of employment, construction involved, the benefit of the site on the local economy etc.  We’ve produced on behalf of clients who regularly secure success planning outcomes.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) expects applications to take into account the principles of sustainable development and include an overall assessment.  The three principles of sustainability development include, economic, social and environmental considerations.  Quite often developments will have a negative impact upon the environment, but a balancing act should take place to assess the overall benefits of a scheme.  When a convincing economic case is presented, this can be the tipping point to make the proposal acceptable, particularly for major developments.

A range of Demographic Assessments.  We can help with a number of different economic, social, environmental and commercial assessments and report on the relevant implications in terms of your proposed developments. These include:

  • Analysis of Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessments
  • Analysis of Strategic Housing Assessments
  • Economic Land Availability Assessments
  • Analysis of SHELAA and site promotion
  • Analysis and critique of five year housing land supply
  • Housing Need Assessment guidance
  • Business Cases
  • Leisure, Tourism and Impact Retail assessments – required for applications involving 2,500m2
  • Social-economic statements and assessments.
  • Many more

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