Sequential and Exception Tests & Soakage Testing

Do you need Soakage or percolation Testing? These are needed for developments intending to use a soakaway which collects surface runoff prior to being discharged into the surrounding soil.  The assessment determines the rate at which the ground absorbs a known volume of water and ensures the ground is suitable for the soak-away proposed.

We can perform a number of different permeability tests used to measure the rate of flow and help you determine whether a soak-away may work well for a development.

When do I need a Sequential Test? When your development is located within a Flood Zone 2 or 3 the council is likely to require the planning application to pass the ‘sequential’ and ‘exception’ tests for planning permission to be granted. This is due to planning policies usually directing new developments to be built within areas less at risk than flooding.

Where do I get a Sequential Test from? Often our clients struggle to find a suitable Flood Risk Consultant to conduct this work.  Some planning and flood risk consultancies don’t provide sequential tests and advise that this is outside of their realm of expertise.  The best sequential and exception test reports in our experience are produced by the team-work of an excellent planning consultant and flood risk consultant working together.

Why should we use you for Flood Risk Services? Parker Planning Services have flood risk and planning specialists in house so we’re in the unique position to produce great quality sequential and exception test reports and backed up by planning justification for the development within a Flood Zone. This is due to this collaborative approach and expertise.

What happened next?  We’ll collate the information from these tests into a report where we’ll strive to identify that there are no ‘sequentially’ better sites for the development proposed and that it should be accepted on its own exceptional merits.

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