Heritage Statements and Heritage Impact Assessments

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Heritage Statements and Heritage Impact Assessments

Statements of Heritage Significance (or Heritage Statements)  examine your historic asset and provides a summary of its overall heritage value. If prepared when considering a future planning application, it will make specific reference to those aspects of its significance that will be most directly affected by your proposals and their contribution to the whole.

A Heritage Impact Assessment  is a structured process to ensure that you take the significance of your historic asset into account when you are developing and designing proposals for change. It is a core part of the design process, which tests whether your proposals for change to a historic asset are appropriate by assessing their impact on its significance. It helps to ensure that what is important about the historic asset is sustained or even enhanced when making any changes.

We work in collaboration with your designer/architect to ensure this process can be as smooth as possible.   Planning Applications submitted without an HIA assessment in the above circumstances are likely to be considered invalid, will not be registered or will be refused.

A Heritage Impact Assessment will be required for the following types of proposals:

  • Listed building applications
  • Developments within Conservation Areas
  • Developments which affect or have the potential to affect
    • non-designated heritage assets or its setting.
    • archaeological sites that have a heritage value

You’ll also need these for Planning applications for sites/buildings in or within the setting of:

  • A listed building
  • the setting of a conservation areas.
  • a Scheduled Ancient Monument (SAM).
  • Registered parks and gardens.


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