Historic Building Records & Historic Area Assessments (Character Appraisal)

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Historic Building Records and Historic Area Assessments (Character Appraisal)

Historic Building Records are often required for one or more of the following reasons:

  • to secure an understanding of a building and its significance to inform the preparation of a scheme of conservation, repair or alteration.
  • to inform decisions relating to the approval or implementation of a scheme of development as part of the planning or conservation process.
  • to document buildings, or parts of buildings, which will be lost as a result of demolition, alteration or neglect.
  • to assess the significance of groups of buildings, settlements, and landscapes, and provide a basis for strategic heritage management.
  • to provide underpinning data for thematic, topographic, or period-specific works of synthesis by recording a sample of surviving structures.

Historic Area Assessment.  These reports are sometimes referred to as a Historic Character Appraisal; they make conclusions on the heritage value of an area.

The assessment describes the character of the location, and focus on its history, heritage and clearly defines its significance.  It provides an evidence base and useful information, relating to the management of historic environment and includes identifying opportunities for positive change.

Local Authorities employ us to create an HAA for their own evidence base or consideration of application. Similarly, a HAA is regularly produced for a client, in the feasibility stages of a major or significant development – likely to have heritage or listed building considerations on the area.

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