Topography and Land Survey

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Topography and Land Survey

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We deliver accurate land surveying services and topographic site surveys that you can rely on across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and further afield:

One of the first stages of any development project, is mapping the features and conducting a topographical survey of your site; which is why relevant and accurate surveys are critical.  Our consultancy team deliver an honest and insightful service – and we’re always happy to discuss your project to advise you on the best steps forward.     Our Land Surveys include:

Topographical Survey        Measured Building Survey        Geophysical Survey & Digital Imaging 

  • Topographical Surveys Our consultants have a trusted reputation for producing accurate and relevant surveys – in a timely and cost effective manner. We survey the land to give you an accurate representation of the area.  The outcome of a topographical survey provides you with a plan (in PDF or CAD format). These surveys produce accurate and trusted measurements of land and can help inform a number of  subsequent surveys and plans including:- arboriculture, flood risk assessments, highways plans and the production of architectural plans.
  • Measured Building Surveys  This gives you an accurate record of a building’s dimensions.  It then enables accurate floor and elevation plans to be compiled. These plans will also show all the elements and architectural features of a building.  Depending on your specific needs, we can vary the detail of the plans considerably from simple 2D floor plans through to full 3D Laser Scan models – these can produce accurate sections and elevations for a building.We also provide you with plans for your specific purposes; eg:  DSEAR plans that show exclusions zones around specific pieces of plant or hazardous areas.
  • Our surveyors use Digital and Laser Scanning equipment complimented with traditional survey methods too.

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