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Providing Topographical Surveys for Planning Applications

Our Land Surveys include:

  • Topographical Surveys
  • Measured Building Surveys


One of the first stages of any development project, is conducting a topographical survey of your site to map its features. So it’s critical your surveys are relevant and accurate.

We deliver accurate topographic and land surveys that are cost-competitive, and reliable across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and further afield.

Our topographical consultancy team delivers an honest and insightful and cost-competitive service. We’re always happy to discuss your project to advise you on the best steps forward.

Do I need a Topographical Survey for a planning application?

As a general rule of thumb, if your site is over 1 hectare in size or is in a flood zone, a Topographical survey is required. Topographical surveys can be required for a number of reasons, but predominately fall into one category. That being due to the limitation of Ordnance Survey Maps (OS maps, like the detailed walking map you see in stores) means that the OS maps do not show enough information to know if a development can be safely undertaken. These safety concerns range from simple concerns – such as will the proposal fit within the site?  To more complex issues eg: the site could flood due to a nearby river.

We provide Topographical surveys and other land surveys on a standalone basis, or if during the planning appraisal it is highlighted that the site requires a topographical survey, our inhouse Topographical Surveyor will be involved to provide advice and will provide a quote to carry out these works inhouse.

For more FAQs on Topographical surveys: What is a Topographical Survey, is it important and do I need one…? 

What Land Survey do I need for my planning application?

Topographical Surveys 

These surveys produce accurate and trusted measurements of land and can help inform a number of subsequent surveys and plans including:- arboriculture, flood risk assessments, highways plans and the production of architectural plans. The outcome of a topographical survey provides you with a plan (in PDF or CAD format).

Measured Building Surveys  

Gives you an accurate record of a building’s dimensions, so that accurate floor and elevation plans can be compiled. These plans show all the elements and architectural features of a building.  We’ll deliver the correct level of detail that your particular survey needs. This can vary the detail of the plans considerably from simple 2D floor plans through to full 3D Laser Scan models – which can produce accurate sections and elevations for a building. We can provide you with plans for your specific purposes, eg:  DSEAR plans that show exclusions zones around specific pieces of plant or hazardous areas, to meet your particular requirements.

Get in contact if you require any of these land surveys for planning, for advice on how best to proceed and a quote.

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