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Call for Sites & Land Promotion

We work in partnership with landowners to determine and achieve their objectives.  We’re well-placed to expertly advise on the optimum strategy for the promotion of their particular greenfield or brownfield site and secure planning permission for residential development, within the context of both the Local Plan and Planning Application processes.

Effective Land Promotion   It’s vital that landowners and others with aspirations for their land, ensure that planning policy supports their plans and get involved in the local development plan process. Often called ‘Local Plans’, these documents shape and influence future development and crucially, they identify a supply of land to meet future development needs.

Our Planning Policy Specialist is uniquely placed to advise our clients on when and how to engage in the Local Plan Process, to help give them the greatest chance of success in achieving allocated site status and consequently a ‘passport’ to planning permission. This is because Magnus was employed for several years with West Suffolk Council in their Planning Policy Team, and was responsible for taking Local Plans and crucially, the evidence base documents that inform them, through their requisite consultation stages, examination in public and ultimately through to adoption by the Council for use in their decision-making processes.

How do we help?  We continuously monitor the progress Local Authorities are making in the preparation of their Local Plans and are therefore able to make detailed representations in support of our clients’ land assets at the appropriate times/stages. We can prepare written submissions to consultation events and attend public examinations and hearings on behalf of a landowner. Conversely, we can represent clients in opposing potential site allocations.

An example: We were recently successful in having a major strategic employment site removed from the Suffolk Coastal Local Plan at the examination stage. In this particular instance, we were effective in demonstrating to the Planning Inspectorate at the examination stage that the allocation had not been adequately justified (evidenced) by the Council and was not deliverable in the plan period.

A Local Planning Authority is likely to be more receptive to a planning application concerning a site that has already been considered and assessed within the context of an emerging Local Plan, even where the application is submitted ahead of the formal adoption of the Local plan itself. Indeed, the status of the site in the emerging local plan can weigh heavily in favour of the grant of planning permission.  We look forward to hearing about your individual project.

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