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Utilities Management - List of Services

As a Chartered Town Planning Consultancy with Specialist Services in-house – our clients’ benefit from our full range of utilities services that often require specialist attention.  Ultimately, we can provide a complete solution for your developments utilities needs.  Please get in touch to discuss your project further.

Utilities companies are frequently challenging and difficult to deal with. They are heavily regulated constrained within rigorously enforced processes, procedures and timescales that often inhibit their flexibility and desire to satisfy diverse project needs. For these reasons intelligent and foresighted management of statutory utilities interfaces is a critical part of every development and construction projects.

Here’s a list of just some of the extensive utilities services we provide to our clients:

Feasibility StudiesProject ManagementConstruction ManagementOperational Services
Strategic and MasterplanningDesign/Design ValidationOn site and off site utility deliveryEnergy procurement
Due diligence and governance reviewsProcurement/tender supportMeter installationEnergy assessments
Scheme and concept design reviewsPre-Construction ServicesSite inspectionsEnergy profiling
Procurement strategiesLegislative complianceWitness TestingRenewables
UtilitiesDisconnections and DiversionsTemporary and Permanent Supplies
Gas. LPGyesyes
Heat Networksyesyes
Water. Drainageyesyes

Our clients find it beneficial that we can take over the management of statutory utilities, identify the inevitable scope gaps and deliver them in line with the development programme.  in the safe knowledge that they will be managed to the same high standard and at the prescribed pace as the project itself. Our objective is to give our clients visibility, clarity and most importantly choice.

  • Our team brings expertise to meet your project’s needs; because we’ve worked within utilities authorities and delivered client projects within Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire, Essex & Cambridgeshire along with the rest of the United Kingdom.
  • Our sectors include all residential, commercial, agriculture, fit out, engineering, highways and renewables developments.
  • Our portfolio demonstrates our proven track record in managing all stages of your utilities process from design concept to completion. We achieve excellent success and clients recommend us.

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