Residential & Commercial

Our residential projects range from large housing and mixed-use developments (in excess of 100 dwellings) to smaller scale individual self-build homes.  We bring extensive experience of justifying planning permission, that would otherwise normally be rejected at the planning application stage.

So, if you need to demonstrate the acceptability of a project, we regular assist our clients with specialist ‘housing need’ or ‘housing assessments’ to ensure the acceptability of a project is fully demonstrated.

Commercial:  our projects include Mixed Use Developments, regeneration schemes, retail and leisure projects and more. We also provide feasibility studies. Usually we work in collaboration with the wider professional services team on such projects.

Mixed use development can maximise site value and potential whilst offering a flexibility of different uses within a building or on land.  For smaller-scale projects this could include retail, residential, community and entertainment options etc.

A large housing development that also includes proposals for other uses such as shops, schools, employment and community facilities, can really have a beneficial impact. The NPPF policies look favourably on new sustainable community living schemes, that create a sense of belonging and a thriving community, where new residents won’t have to travel far to shops, work or schools.

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