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Consultation on the South Norfolk Village Clusters Local Plan has begun (Monday 7th June). This is the last chance to promote your site. 

We’d be happy to assist you with effective and expert representation, on this very important consultation, at this critical stage.

What is the South Norfolk Village Clusters Local Plan?  The main aim of the South Norfolk Village Clusters Local Plan is to allocate a series of smaller sites.  Typically within the range of 12 to 50 homes, across the 48 Village Clusters (South Norfolk Village Clusters List ) in South Norfolk. It will be to accommodate at least 1,200 new homes in total.

The Council has already assessed a number of ‘known’ sites and has categorised them as ‘Preferred’, ‘Shortlisted’ (or ‘Reasonable Alternative’) or ‘Rejected’ (or ‘Unreasonable Alternative’). The Council are now seeking views on all sites featured within the consultation draft Local Plan (South Norfolk Village Clusters Housing Allocations Plan). They are also making a call for additional sites that have yet to be considered and may be ‘suitable’ for inclusion within the Local Plan moving forward.

How does this affect me?   If your site is already ‘known’ to the Council, or it is a ‘new’ site, it is very important that you make a representation at this consultation stage should you wish to see it allocated for residential development in the Local Plan.

This is the last chance to promote your site (and perhaps get its status uplifted from ‘rejected’ or ‘shortlisted’) before South Norfolk settle on their ‘proposed allocations’ or ‘final’ version of the Local Plan.

So – If you have a known site already featured in the consultation version of the plan (regardless of its current ‘status’), or you have a ‘new’ site that you wish to see developed for housing in the future, that lies within or close to one of the ‘Village Clusters’ (South Norfolk Village Clusters List), contact our Senior Planning Policy Specialist, Magnus. He’ll offer you a free and no obligation initial discussion, on the best ways for you to progress forward.

Similarly – Find out more about our specialist Local Plan advise. Did you know that we continuously monitor the progress Local Authorities are making in the preparation of their Local Plans, across East Anglia and further afield?  As a result we’re able to make expert and detailed representations in support of your land assets at the appropriate times/stages. We can also prepare written submissions to consultation events and attend public examinations and hearings on behalf of a landowner. Conversely, we can represent clients in opposing potential site allocations.

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