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The West Suffolk Local Plan’s final consultation phase before it is submitted to the Secretary of State for examination is currently underway!

Building on the evidence from previous consultations (including the 2020 issues and options consultation and the 2022 preferred options consultation), the ‘submission draft’ Local Plan covers the period up to 2040. It encompasses crucial policies ensuring the provision of affordable housing, new play areas, and public open spaces. Additionally, it lays out plans for essential infrastructure such as educational facilities and roads. The document also addresses climate change through policies aimed at enhancing the sustainability of homes.

This Regulation 19 submission draft local plan is the third and final chance for people to have their say about future development across West Suffolk.  This final consultation asks specific questions required by The Planning Inspectorate (the body that will Inspect West Suffolk’s Local Plans). These questions are:

  • Is the plan legally compliant?
  • Is the plan sound?

Contact us at contact@parkerplanningservices.co.uk or call us on 01603 516319 for more information on making effective representations that relate to ‘legal compliance’ and ‘soundness’ issues. If you have a site that has been assessed and considered for inclusion within the Local Plan as an allocation, it may be particularly important that you get involved at this stage…

The consultation ends 5pm, Tuesday 12th March 2024.

For more information: West Suffolk Local Plan Submission Draft Consultation (Regulation 19) (exhibition.app)


West Suffolk Local Plan

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