West Suffolk Local Plan. “Preferred Options” consultation is now open

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The West Suffolk Local Plan ‘Preferred Options’ consultation is now open. This is the second opportunity to engage in the preparation of the Plan and the final opportunity to truly influence the strategy for growth across West Suffolk in the period to 2040 and before the Council ‘firms up’ the ‘Proposed Submission’ version of their Plan.  The consultation asks questions to actively engage and invite comments from communities, businesses, the development industry and other stakeholders.

If you have a site that you would like to see allocated in the Local Plan (for residential, economic, social and/or community uses), or just have a general interest in, or comment on, the Council’s ‘preferred’ strategy for growth, why not engage with us in the first instance. Our Planning Policy Specialist will be running a series of free consultations, until the end of July (July 26th, 5pm)

Get in touch on 01603 516319 or email contact@parkerplanningservices.co.uk to book your slot…

West Suffolk Local Plan Preferred Options Consultation (Regulation 18) – West Suffolk Council (exhibition.app)


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