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We are specialist Planning Consultants and Multi-Disciplinary Specialists providing services required for planning applications and developments. We deal with the full range of projects from minor small scale up to large major developments across East Anglia and further afield across the UK.

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Carnivorous Notice: 

Following on from the government instructions and advice all of our staff are working at home for the next 3 weeks.  We all have laptops, access to our emails, project management system and files remotely.  We have regular team meetings, virtually through video and phone. 

You can still contact us in the normal way, through the live chat, email or phone. 

We can conduct meetings with clients through video (and provide you details of this), as well as phone and phone conference.   Site visits are still possible and can usually be conducted unaccompanied, but in most cases will not be required or could be put at the end of our process.   

With the disruption to our everyday lives which cannot be avoided at present, Parker Planning can help you plan ahead for when life returns to normal.


We are a specialist ‘Chartered Town Planners’ firm and Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy.  We provide the full range of planning advisory, planning application, site assessment, planning permission, planning appeal, land, property and development services and offer a wide range of specialist surveys that are often required as part of planning application or development process.

The majority of our clients come to us as a first point of call, so that we can review the potential for planning permission and manage the planning application process. We deal with all kinds of projects and planning applications from small to large developments.

We are based in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, providing our services across East of England and further afield across the UK.

Our customers include companies and businesses working in construction, eg:- house builders, architects, and property developers. We also work with public sector organisations, independent landowners and members of the public.

We pride ourselves on satisfaction, a professional and personal service and a very high success rate.

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Our Services

We are a Chartered Planning Consultancy and Multi-Disciplinary Firm.   We provide the full range of planning and development services and a wide range of complementary specialist services that are often required for different types of applications.  Ultimately we provide the complete solution for your planning consultancy and specialist services needs.   If there is a specialist survey or service that you require for your application that we do not provide, we can advise on the best people to use as part of our services.

Our key Specialist Services include: Archaeology, Topography, Heritage & Conservation, Ecology & Biodiversity, Highways & Transport.  

Our most popular services are listed below, but these are by no means exhaustive – if the planning services you require are not listed, please contact us and we can discuss your specific requirements further.

Project Sectors

Town Planning and Town and Country Planning can involve a number of different project sectors.  We have wide ranging experience and expertise within a number of different sectors and deal with major and minor planning applications, developments and appeals within East Anglia and the whole of the UK. We also undertake projects within Scotland and Wales from time to time.

Our expertise covers the full range of projects and we have worked for various Local Planning Authorities throughout the UK and therefore have expert inside knowledge of how planning applications are handled, considered and approved as well as expert private sector experience.

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