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Archaeology Consultancy

Archaeology Consultancy – providing Archaeological Reports for Planning Applications

Our Key Archaeological Services are:

  • Desk Based Assessments (DBAs)
  • Written Schemes of Investigations (WSIs)
  • Discharge / Variation of Archaeological Planning Conditions
  • Scheduled Monument of Consent
  • Archaeological Project Management


We provide Archaeological Services for planning applications on a standalone basis, or if during the planning appraisal it is highlighted that the site is nearby a site of archaeological interest, our inhouse Archaeologist will be involved to provide advice and will provide a quote if additional archaeological reports are required.

Why use our Archaeology Consultant service? Our clients recommend our archaeological services because we’re: 

  • Professional 

Professionally Accredited Archaeologists, Associate Membership of Chartered Institute for Archaeology (CIfA)

  • Local 

Based in East Anglia region, so we understand the local area and have relationships with the local councils – particularly in Norfolk & Suffolk & Cambridgeshire.

  • Commercially Aware 

By working alongside our town planning consultants, we can refer to and exchange expertise with colleagues. This multi-disciplinary approach often saves time and costs on our clients’ projects, focusing on being results driven to achieve your project’s aims.

  • Cost Effective

Always looking to reduce your project timescales and costs. Our extensive experience regularly presents solutions for the archaeological requirements that aim to align with the overall site’s existing timescales.

  • One Point of Contact 

One point of contact – so you have a direct point of contact with our archaeological consultant.

  • Positive, Professional Connections 

By regularly reviewing the market, and building positive connections, we ensure you have the best prices and quality services that best fits your individual project’s needs when going to market for field based archaeological services.  Our positive working relationships with the local councils help facilitate negotiations, so we can help you by providing desk-based research, or fieldwork specifically targeted to resolve your potential planning issues. When you need clarification on whether the requirements from the Council are reasonable – we can help too.

What Archaeological Report do I need?

For a breakdown of each Archaeological service, what it is and why you might need it for your planning application, please see – Archaeology FAQS

Karl Hanson - Senior Archaeologist and Land Surveyor at Parker Planning Services

Karl Hanson – Senior Archaeologist 


Case Studies

Archaeological Variation of Planning Conditions
Insight into the finds of our Archaeologist – Hobbies Dereham, ‘Instructions how to build a Tea Clipper A craft of the Cutty Sark era’.
Insight into the finds of our Archaeologist – City Of Norwich Plan 1945

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