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Heritage & Conservation

Heritage Consultancy – Providing Heritage Reports for Planning Applications

Our key Heritage Statements and Services are:

  • Heritage Impact Assessments
  • Statements of Heritage Significance
  • Historic Building Recording
  • Listed Building Consent Applications
  • Listed and Historic Buildings Advice – advice for new owners of a Listed Building or those considering purchasing a Listed Building

Given the extent of history and heritage in this country, you are likely to be, or be near, something of age and significance. Therefore, it is vital you speak to a professional heritage consultant as early as possible to see if a heritage report is required for your planning application.

Our Heritage Consultants present pragmatic solutions to enhance the setting of your Heritage asset as well as assess any new development that is near the heritage asset, providing heritage reports for planning applications. Each consultant will carefully manage the process and fully consider the design acceptability in the historic context.

Do I need a Heritage Statement?

If your site/building is close to a heritage asset or conservation area you will need a Heritage report to accompany the planning application to support the proposed development. We deal with many Planning Applications and Developments affecting Listed Buildings and proposals for developments which are within the setting of a listed building.

When do I need a Heritage Consultant?

We highly recommend that you obtain heritage advice in the early stages of your project and before any design work is undertaken. We can advise on all heritage assets, including conservation areas, curtilage listed buildings and non-designated heritage assets etc.

We provide Heritage Services on a standalone basis, or if during the planning appraisal our Planning Consultants highlight that the site is nearby a listed building or conservation area, our inhouse Heritage Consultants will be involved to provide advice and will provide a quote if additional heritage reports are required.

What Heritage Report do I need?

For a breakdown of each Heritage Report, what it is and why you might need it please see – Heritage Statements and Reports examples

Where do I find an architect?

We can provide you with recommendations of suitable architects with specific expertise for your particular project and area, because we regularly collaborate and work in partnerships with a range of architects, developers and professionals to provide detailed input into the design work.

Case Studies

Measured Building Survey & Planning Permission for Iconic Grade II Listed Mill
Change of Use from Office to a Mixed-Use site comprising of a Hotel and retention of an existing Bank in Stratford, London, approved at Planning Committee
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