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Agricultural and Farms

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Agricultural and Farms

We deal with a wide range of agricultural, rural and farm related projects and give advice regarding whether planning permission is required or not.  Many buildings and developments can take place on farms without the need for planning permission. 

We’ve repeatedly demonstrated expertise in the following specific project areas:

  • Pigs and poultry facilities
  • Equine facilities
  • New farms & agriculture businesses
  • Extensions & new buildings
  • Renewable technology & equipment
  • Farm and Rural Business Diversification
  • Agricultural workers dwellings
  • Assessment of sites and advice for profit generation uses.

Specific Sectors in Agriculture

Based in the heart of the countryside in East Anglia – a large proportion of our clients present with rural and agricultural projects.  Consequently Parker Planning Services have accrued sector specific knowledge and expertise on the following types of agricultural projects:

Barn Conversions: With farm machinery getting bigger and bigger, many barns are finding themselves redundant for agricultural purposes. As such conversion to residential and other uses are becoming more and more popular and can be quite a simple process. We can provide sound and expert advice on how it might be achieved. Whether it be through full planning or permitted development.

Agricultural Workers Dwelling: we understand that rural enterprises often require workers dwellings, be it for security, safety, or access. Thankfully ‘Local Planning Authorities’ recognise this too.

Parker Planning Services have a unique and in depth understanding of what ‘Local Planning Authorities’ look for when determining an application and can offer excellent advice on how planning permission might be gained. Our dedicated team will assist you throughout the planning process advising you of all the requirements you’ll need to overcome.

Renewable Technologies. The environment we live in needs protecting in any way we can. We’ve gained extensive experience, knowledge and contacts in this field covering solar, wind, biomass or anaerobic digestion, and supporting client’s through both the planning process and securing grid connections thereafter.

Extensions and New Buildings: we recognise the importance of new buildings and extensions to the successful operations of rural businesses and the consequences that gaining planning permission has on a rural business and enterprise.

Whether it’s small individual buildings for hay & crop storage, farm workshops, extensions or large agricultural builds for animal housing and farm equipment storage. We can assist with planning process and discuss the design, materials used, layout, location or anything that you’re not sure of yourself.

Rural and Farm Diversification:  The farming industry is constantly changing and evolving and often farmers find themselves looking to diversify their business. Take a look at some of our case studies showcasing just some of our work on such diversification projects within the fields of tourism, renewable energies, leisure & recreation, industrial projects.

Equestrian: If you’re seek permission for a livery yard, a mobile home, stables, arenas, dwellings, indoor schools or any other equine related developments. We’ve the expertise to assist with planning applications and appeals, working closely with you and your architects to strive to achieve the best possible outcome.

Livestock & Poultry: Whether it’s a pig unit for breeding, poultry sheds, an anaerobic digestion plant, intensive broiler unit or biogas combustion, the issues presented can be numerous and difficult to overcome.  We’ve recently worked with numerous clients in this specific area of livestock & poultry. Consequently, Parker Planning Services have accrued specialist knowledge and unique expertise in this area.

Our team can advise on the best and most effective route to gaining permission by advising on individual design and layout and additional aspects and strive to ensure you have the best chance of securing permission.

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