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Agricultural and Rural Town Planning Services.   Our team can advise on the best and most effective route to gain planning permission by advising on individual design, layout and additional aspects and we strive to ensure you have the best chance of securing permission, whilst working closely with you and your architects to strive to achieve the best possible outcome.

Agricultural: Sometimes buildings and developments can progress on farms without prior planning permission. However – where more complex planning applications are required – we have repeatedly demonstrated expertise and successful planning results in the following specific project area.

  • Poultry and pig facilitiesWhether it’s a pig unit for breeding, poultry sheds, an anaerobic digestion plant, intensive broiler unit or biogas combustion, these applications often present with complex issues, and an analytic approach is needed to address the planning requirements.  We’ve worked with numerous clients in this specific area of livestock & poultry developments and planning processes.
  • Equine facilities and business growth  including livery yards, stables, an arena or education centre.
  • Farm and Rural Business Diversification eg: in the fields of tourism, commercial, rural retail & recreation
  • Barn Conversions: including both full planning applications and permitted development rights)
  • Extensions & new buildings – we recognise how vital these planning application outcomes can be for the success of a rural business enterprise. Whether it’s small individual buildings for farm workshops or machinery storage, we can assist with planning process and discuss the design, materials used, layout, location etc.
  • Agricultural workers dwellings Luckily, Local Authorities regularly recognise their need for rural enterprises, eg: for security reasons.
  • Assessment of rural and agricultural sites and advice for viable commercial schemes in the context of planning regulations.

Rural and Countryside: It’s sometimes falsely perceived that you cannot build or develop within rural or countryside areas. When there is a proven lack of housing within the local area, it’s also possible to obtain planning permission for commercial and residential developments in these locations too. We bring specialist knowledge to assist with justifying rural developments for:

  • Outside of development boundaries
  • ‘Paragraph 55’ housing, allowing exceptional quality single dwellings in a countryside setting
  • Nature and conservation developments and enhancement schemes
  • Community Schemes.

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