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We’re here to help with Council ‘Call for sites’ submissions and assist with your land promotion through other processes. We also obtain permission for land which is located within the countryside and can demonstrate successes and expertise in this field.

Our clients benefit from site specific advice and our site assessments, clarify the potential of each individual site.  We bring knowledge and expertise to the subject of the promotion of land through the Council Development Plan system, and give our clients the best chance for success for being allocated for development on their land.

With an in-depth understanding of the local government planning processes.  Our key staff worked for various local planning departments for Council’s within; Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire within Planning Officer Teams and in Planning Policy Departments – including the last role was as the ‘Principal Development Management Planner’

We believe that unique experience and expertise is second to none – and we’ve repeated secured permission for our clients and successfully promoted a number of sites through the local plan and development management processes.

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