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Archaeological Variation of Planning Conditions

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With the expertise of our Archaeologist, Karl Hanson, Parker Planning Services are pleased to have achieved a successful variation of planning conditions for our client in regards to a number of archaeological conditions placed upon a development.

The Project 

The client approached us following a predicament that emerged when they discovered that they had unintentionally bypassed essential archaeological works on two out of five building plots, having already completed both the below and above-ground works on the first two plots. The wording of the planning permission required the entire programme of archaeological works to be concluded before the sale of the two units could be authorised. As a result, this oversight jeopardized their ability to sell these plots, crucial for releasing capital to complete the remaining three units of the development.

Our Advice

Parker Planning Services conducted a comprehensive review of the situation, taking into account the client’s urgency to sell the plots and the planning permission constraints. After a thorough assessment, we proposed a solution that would effectively isolate the two already built plots from the overarching archaeological condition, allowing them to be sold separately. This solution took the form of a variation of planning conditions application, seeking to remove the built plots from the originally granted planning permission. This strategic move created a clear distinction between the plots yet to be built and the plots that had been constructed as there was no further potential for conducting archaeological mitigation works.

Karl, our Archaeologist undertook the whole project management for this planning application on the client’s behalf; writing a supportive statement, forming the wording of the variation of condition, drawing the plans, submitting the application, and liaising with the Local Planning Authority and their Archaeological Advisor to obtain a granted variation to the planning permission.


The client was able to secure the variation of planning conditions they needed. This allowed them to move forward with the sale of the two built plots without the hindrance of archaeological conditions. As a result, the client’s capital was released, facilitating the completion of the remaining three units, and ultimately ensuring the success of the development project.


Variation of Planning Conditions

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