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So – what benefits can a dedicated town planning consultancy add to your forthcoming development, design or building project?

Afterall – we don’t design buildings like an architect, nor are we engineers adding value to a project.

Surely Town Planning Consultants just add another layer of expense?

Here’s where the services of a Town Planning and Multi-disciplinary consultancy like Parker Planning Services can really add value to a project – however large or small:

• Our planning applications carefully consider and cite recent planning law updates and policy guidelines. We use ground-breaking Case Studies to push the margins and create the best possible chances to secure sometimes innovative and novel projects.

• We challenge local councils and planning officers to push the boundaries to accept innovative planning applications and developments. These often integrate highly sustainable options to create and enhance vibrant communities and places.

• At Parker Planning Services – we have extremely high success rates in securing planning applications. This is due to applying our knowledge of applicable policies and referencing recent case law updates, to create justified and innovative planning application solutions.

• We’re also extremely successful at the Appeals Stage in overturning projects that were originally declined – to successfully secure a positive outcome for our clients. When considering the merits of an Appeal Case we’ll review and assess the original application – prior to carrying out our initial free assessment. We’ll then present our honest feedback on the likelihood of a successful Appeal application or make suggestions on how the scheme could perhaps be amended to present an application that’s more likely to be validated.

• Our one-stop multi-disciplinary service enables us to manage the planning process in-house from start to finish – because we provide a range of specialist services and expert consultants in-house. These include ecology, heritage, topography, archaeological, flood risk and drainage, and highways and transport services. This helps keep the various aspects of your planning application together under one roof – so that we can project management the application process and add further gravitas to your application. We’re rare in delivering such a comprehensive range of specialist services in-house. This enables us to secure a smooth turnaround on reports – for example ecologists are regularly fully booked during key seasonal times – and we can ensure that assessments and reports are in hand, to project manage the whole application process on our client’s behalf.

• Many of Parker Planning Services previously worked for a range of local authorities as Planning Officers themselves – both in Norfolk and further afield for planning departments across East Anglia. So – they are best placed to understand how a local authority deals with applications and bring expertise and local knowledge and insight – to ensure we create the best application to aim to ensure the best outcome for our clients. Positive outcomes that we know changes lives and communities for the better.

• Likewise our portfolio covers a wide range of sectors – these include agricultural and rural projects – large and small, wide-ranging urban and housing development, heritage and environmental projects, and the education, leisure and tourism sectors. Our Consultants offer a wealth of commercial and private sector knowledge to clients.

• As a company we work with a wide range of professionals which include architectural firms, developers, consultants and associated businesses – to provide clients with a continuous service. For example; we work with a range of trusted architects and firms to deliver associated plans in preparation for the planning submission.

• So, if you’re considering submitting a planning application, do give us a call early-on, to chat through your plans and concerns. We offer a short free initial desktop research prior to sending you our thoughts and associated costs for managing the planning process on your behalf.

• If it’s a small-scale proposal you may not need us. However, if any problematic issues arise, it could prove worthwhile to use a planning consultancy early on in the process, to help address and resolve them, which could save time and money in the long-term.

• Planning decisions have an element of subjectivity and each case is assessed individually, so we can’t guarantee a successful outcome but where we consider that there is a justified case to present, we’ll work hard and carefully consider your project to aim to achieve a successful outcome on your behalf.

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