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Listed Building Consent is sought when you want to alter a Listed Building (a building of special architectural or historic interest) in a way that affects its character or appearance.

Our Heritage Consultant successfully achieved Listed Building Consent for the rebuild of the chimney and internal alterations to a Grade II Listed Building which forms Elm Terrace in Norwich, Norfolk. The reconstruction work proposed is an attempt to preserve the stability of the building and to avoid a collapse.  The scope of works is to carefully dismantle the chimney to roof level, retaining and cleaning any bricks which can be used. The chimney would be rebuilt to the same dimensions and forms to the existing as well as using a heritage brick to match the existing with chimney pots retained and reinstated.

These modifications will enable this heritage asset to continue use as a domestic building, in appreciation of both historical use and modern domestic requirements. This is in line with the assets most viable use.

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