Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) - Environmental Management Plans (EMEMP) - Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW)

Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)

On larger projects that meet the criteria of EcIA, the assessment findings can help authorities understand ecological issues when they are determining planning applications.

The Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) process of identifies, measures, and assesses the potential effects of a development or other proposed actions on species and their habitats and ecosystems.  It applies ecological survey data to either produce this stand-alone report or to produce the Ecology Chapter of an EIA Environmental Statement.

Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW)

Planning conditions frequently require ecological supervision during the construction stage of a development.

ECoW are required to oversee certain aspects of ecological mitigation and construction. This helps ensure legal compliance and conform to planning conditions. Having competent ecological supervision on-site, pro-actively identifies and resolves ecological issues, to insure wildlife impacts are avoided or minimised and that biodiversity enhancements are secured.  We can help with Support and training too – eg:  suppling tool box talks.

Ecological Mitigation and Environmental Managements Plans (EMEMP)

On some developments, the local planning authority may require an assortment of management plans including, an environmental management plan, ecological management plan, landscape/ecology management plan, ecological mitigation plan or a strategy. These plans guide how your site will be managed to maintain the ecological interest during the construction of the development and after it’s completion. If you need a landscape management plan, we can recommend suitable qualified associates to assist.

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